Flexipack developes, manufactures and sells plastic packinging materials for the European industry.

We are a customer-oriented organisation. Our customer can rely on agreed quality on time.

Our products should meet the quality requirements set by our customers and other authorities. Our packing materials for the food industry should also meet the BGA and FDA standards as well as the EEC directives and FDA regulations.

Our employees are trained in issues concerning hygiene, quality and environment. Flexipack demand the same high standard from its suppliers.

We are continuously revising aims and plans to improve our environment program. Our aim is to produce films that give maximum advantage but minimal environmental affect.

We comply with current environmental legislation and other applicable directives.

Our policy is carried out in a working culture. Where know-how and developments are rewarded. Where respect and admiration is shown.

Where the price of work and achievement thereof is balanced

Deviations, goals and action plans are being followed up and regularly revised. We attach great importance to keeping a close dialog with our employees, customers and other participants.